Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cindy Anthony, Casey Anthony's Mother Could Face Perjury Charges

Cindy Anthony could face perjury charges for lying in her daughter Casey Anthony’s high-profile murder trial, a prosecutor in the case said Wednesday.

In all likelihood however, she probably will not.

During the trial Cindy testified that she was responsible for the chloroform web searches on the family’s home computer but records revealed she was actually at work during the time that the queries were made.

When asked by NBC’s Today Show whether legal action would be taken against the allegedly fibbing mom, state prosecutor Jeff Ashton responded,

I think there could be. That will be a decision made by another branch of our office.

Ashton himself is retiring, an action that he had delayed to take on the Casey Anthony case which ended on Tuesday by a jury acquitting Anthony of murder, manslaughter and child abuse.

While Casey was convicted of lying to police, the crime is only a misdemeanor and usually results in little to no jail time.

According to Ashton, even if he wasn’t retiring, he doesn’t know if he would pursue Cindy Anthony for perjury, as he revealed that being in field for 30 years accustomed him to family members lying to “help their fellow family members.”

This, of course, was a rather important, you know, deception, if you will, that obviously was proven to be so by the other evidence. What they do with it is going to be a difficult decision that I’m glad I don’t have to make,” the former prosecutor explained.

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