Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fake Apple store Found in China

An American living in Kunming, the capital of China’s southwestern Yunnan Province, revealed on her blog, Bird Abroad, a fake Apple store that she discovered.

The blogger, together with her husband, came across a seemingly typical Apple store near their residence. The scene had all the characteristics of the popular gadgets outlet like the iconic Apple sign, the winding staircase, the employees dressed in blue t-shirts with the Apple icon printed on the chest, and so on.

But what made her suspicious was the sign that has the words “Apple Store” under the icon:

Apple Store signs generally just show the company’s trademark fruit symbol. It doesn’t have an idiotic sign that says “Apple Store.”

Plus the sign outside the premises was misspelled:

Some other clues that describes the fake Apple Store include poorly made stairs, walls that hadn’t been painted properly, the name tag of the employees which only have the word “staff” on it, and the merchandises that doesn’t have an authenticity vibe.

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