Friday, July 22, 2011

Marian Rivera Answers Heart Evangelista's Accusations

One day after Heart Evangelista's much talked-about presscon where she revealed her version of the story with regards to ongoing rift with "Temptation Island" co-star Marian Rivera, the latter has decided to release a press statement, through her manager Popoy Caritativo, not to belied Heart's accusations that she was "attacked, shouted at, and verbally threatened" by her but to send her love and gratitude to those who believe in her and support her despite these accusations.

To quote:

I have spoken with Marian earlier and we have decided that for the sake of peace and out of respect to GMA, she will no longer speak about this incident so that the issue can be put to rest.

She has already said her piece on this matter before and has already moved on from it.

Although it's hard for her to remain silent, she knows that there are times that peace is the better option. So she chooses peace.

And she hopes that her supporters and fans would respect her decision. Marian sends them her love and gratitude. Thank you."

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