Thursday, July 28, 2011

30 Seconds to Mars Live in Manila Concert Tonight

"Enjoyment, excitement, escape, connection and some kind of relief from the monotony of music that is out there." This is what 30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto hopes people can get from their music.

Once you hear the band's name, you would think they got it in connection with the planet Mars or the galaxies, but it is apparently in no way related to the planet. The band came across a thesis with a subtitle "30 Seconds to Mars," which talks about the fast-paced world and where technology takes humans. 30 Seconds to Mars is actually how band members Jared Leto (vocalist and rhythm guitarist), Shannon Leto (drummer) and Tomo Miličević see how their music is presented.

"Most importantly, it is a good representation of our sound. It's a phrase that is lyrical, suggestive, cinematic, and filled with immediacy. It has some sense of otherness to it. The concept of space is so overwhelming and all encompassing I doubt there is a song written that doesn't fall within it," Jared said in an interview with Shoutweb.

Held as 'Best Rock Band' by MTV Europe Awards in 2010, 30 Seconds to Mars has sold millions of records worldwide and is behind the hit songs 'Kings and Queens,' 'From Yesterday' and 'Closer to the Edge.' 30 Seconds to Mars have three albums so far, 'Thirty Seconds to Mars,' 'A Beautiful Lie' and 'This is War.' Some of their music videos were directed by Jared himself, such as The Kill,' 'From Yesterday,' 'Closer to the Edge,' 'Kings and Queens' and 'Hurricane.' 'Kings and Queens' was MTV Video Music Award's 'Best Rock Video' for 2010.

Formed by the Leto brothers in 1995, 30 Seconds to Mars has already performed in nearly 500 sold-out shows worldwide since 2005, including festival performances such as Lollapalooza in the US, Pinkpop in the Netherlands and Summer Sonic in Japan. Filipino fans will get a chance to rock out with 30 Seconds to Mars as they come here for a one-night only concert 'Thirty Seconds to Mars Live in Manila' tonight at the Trinoma Open Parking. 'Thirty Seconds to Mars Live in Manila' concert is brought by Futuretainment Inc.

The band members may all have different jobs outside the band, but Jared, Shannon and Tomo come together to create music, which encompasses their life.

"For some of us in the band, our involvement with 30 Seconds to Mars borders on obsessive-compulsive territory. It can be kind of an all-encompassing thing. It is a very necessary part, not just of our expression, but our lives," Jared further said in the Shoutweb interview.

Being a musician and an actor, as well, Jared sees film and music two different things, but agrees that both have unique ways in enabling to express one's self. Jared sees music as a different process as of working on a character in a film. "With music, we dictate the story, character, mood and everything else. We create the world rather than just support it," Jared said.

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